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#5858822 Mar 26, 2012 at 11:15 PM · Edited over 6 years ago
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A week from now, on April 3rd, Ress Plz will transfer from EU-Talnivarr (H) to EU-Grim Batol (A) and conquer Pandaria from new grounds.

We've felt for a long time the decline of Talnivarr, and it has reached a point where we can't take it anymore, there's simply too few people here. This along with a general desire to go Alliance for a fresh start made us search for a new home.

We'd like to thank Talnivarr where most of us spent the last 2-3 years as both a super-casual guild and more recently a more hardcore 10-man guild. It's been fun!

We're all excited to be a part of the Alliance again and we hope Grim Batol will give us a warm welcome and that it'll be a great place to strive for even higher ranks in MoP!

All of our current social members are very welcome to join us in this transfer if you want to.
If you do; make sure you wait for the guild itself to transfer before you do, and do not leave the guild before you transfer. Otherwise you may lose your guild rep etc. For more info check: .

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