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Here is what we would like to know about you before you will get an invite:

Describe yourself
Your age, gender and nationality for instance. Please also tell us a bit about your history in World of Warcraft. We would like to know the people in our guild.

Tell us why you want to join Ress Plz
You must have a purpose to join. Tell us why. What do you think you might contribute with? Who do you know in Ress Plz?

We don't like a wall-of-text, keep it simple but constructive.

- We speak 80% norwedish in guild chat, deal with it.
- In Ress Plz we are not rude or any ninjas
- We respond to questions people may have
- If an officer doesn't answer it means he is probably busy or AFK and nagging will most certainly NOT speed up your answer
I'm Charlie Sheen...and I'm a Warlock
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